Weekly Menu

A Selection of Meals This Week


Chicken & Waffles

Whole Wheat Waffle | Baked Chicken Tender | Sugar Free Syrup

Cal:423 P:21 F:15 C:51

Tomato Basil Cornbread Muffin (GF)

Gluten Free Tomato Basil Muffin | Scrambled Eggs | Hollandaise | Chicken Sausage

Cal:489 P:30 F:25 C:36


Chorizo Scramble (GF)

Scrambled Eggs | Chorizo Hash | Roasted Tomato

Cal:401 P:25 F:29 NC:6

Keto Almond Waffles (GF)

Almond Flour | Coconut Flour | Egg | Pecan | Sausage Patty | Sugar Free Syrup

Cal:413 P:14 F:33 NC:7

General Tso’s Beef & Broccoli

All Natural Diced Beef | Jasmine Rice | Broccoli | Tso Glaze | Green Onion

Cal:403 P:30 F:15 C:37

Turkey Shepherd's Pie (GF)

All Natural Ground Turkey | Red Potato Mash | Green Pea | Carrot | Celery | Onion | Turkey Gravy

Cal:472 P:37 F:20 C:36

Homestyle Roasted Garlic Chicken (GF)

All Natural Seared Chicken Breast | Roasted Red Potato | Roasted Rainbow Carrots | Roasted Garlic Pan Gravy | Parsley

Cal:412 P:43 F:12 C:33

Rosemary Infused Meatballs

Beef Meatballs | Steamed Farro | Roasted Asparagus | Rosemary Demi | Grape Tomato

Cal:421 P:31 F:17 C:36

Turkey Eggroll Bowl

All Natural Pulled Turkey Breast | Jasmine Rice | Green Pea | Carrot | Cabbage | Bell Pepper | Green Onion | Duck Sauce

Cal:435 P:35 F:14 C:40

Margherita Flatbread

All Natural Roasted Chicken Breast | Naan Flatbread | Roasted Tomato | Pesto | Mozzarella | Balsamic Glaze | Spinach

Cal:520 P:40 F:24 C:36

Beef with Red Wine

Overnight Braised Sirloin | Roasted Fingerling Potatoes | Cauliflower

Cal:337 P:30 F:13 C:25

Sizzling Turkey Fajita Bowl

All Natural Ground Turkey | Corn | Black Bean | Bell Pepper | Onion

Cal:356 P:36 F:12 C:26

Louisiana Style Chicken & Rice

All Natural Seared Chicken Breast | Red Beans & Brown Rice | Zucchini

Cal:334 P:35 F:10 C:26

Beef & Butternut Harvest Bowl

All Natural Diced Beef | Brown Rice | Butternut Squash | Green Bean

Cal:361 P:35 F:13 C:26

Split Pea & Sliced Turkey

All Natural Roasted Turkey Breast | Split Pea Stew | Brussels Sprout

Cal:353 P:41 F:9 C:27

Smoky Ancho Chili Chicken & Broccoli

All Natural Grilled Chicken Breast | Quinoa | Broccoli

Cal:345 P:41 F:9 C:25

Keto Red Wine Beef

Overnight Braised Sirloin | Cauliflower | Feta | Olive Tapenade

Cal:432 P:29 F:28 NC:9

Thai Peanut Turkey

All Natural Ground Turkey | Snap Pea | Spinach | Peanut Sauce | Peanuts

Cal:435 P:37 F:27 NC:6

Chipotle Chicken

All Natural Seared Chicken Thigh | Kale Slaw | Chipotle Aioli | Green Bean

Cal:399 P:34 F:23 NC:9

Mushroom Swiss Burger

House Blend Beef Burger | Swiss | Mushroom | Cauliflower Rice

Cal:475 P:36 F:31 NC:7

Turkey Chef Salad

All Natural Turkey Breast | Egg | Spinach | Cucumber | Grape Tomato | Marinated Artichoke Hearts | Coconut Milk Ranch

Cal:447 P:50 F:23 NC:7

Bacon Guac Grilled Chicken

All Natural Grilled Chicken Breast | Broccoli | Guacamole | Kale | Bacon

Cal:405 P:42 F:21 NC:6

Vegan Niçoise Salad (V)(GF)

Green Leaf Lettuce | Spinach | Potato | Roasted Beet | Green Bean | Olive | Herb Vinaigrette

Cal:347 P:8 F:19 C:36

Red Beans & Rice (V)(GF)

Braised Red Beans | Brown Rice | Zucchini

Cal:350 P:11 F:10 C:54

Baked Sweet Potato & Lemon Tahini Lentils (V)(GF)

Baked Sweet Potato | Lentils | Lemon Tahini Dressing | Spinach

Cal:376 P:15 F:12 C:52

Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower (V)(GF)

Roasted Cauliflower | Pistachio Gremolata | Dried Cranberry | Cabbage | Red Wine Vinaigrette

Cal:371 P:9 F:27 C:23